Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Asian Produce and Products in Raleigh, NC

Whether you are an expat from an Asian country or simply an adventurous eater, it can be hard to prepare and replicate Asian dishes without the right ingredients. Many Asian recipes call for ingredients and other products that simply cannot be found at your regular convenience store. Settling for alternative ingredients does not do justice to the authenticity of the dishes being prepared.

Fans of Asian cuisine should visit the Oriental Store of Raleigh. We stock a comprehensive lineup of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, and Thai products, as well as African and Hispanic goods, so that you can enjoy the best foods from all around the globe. If you live in or around the Raleigh, NC area, drop by our grocery today and purchase genuine Asian foodstuffs.

Comprehensive collection of goods

Oriental Store of Raleigh sells a variety of imported products and specialty produce that can satisfy even the most discerning of Asian chefs. If you need a particular exotic Asian ingredient for a recipe, our store will most likely have it. We also sell snacks and other imported items that cannot be found elsewhere. Immigrants hankering for a taste of home or domestic customers curious about exotic snacks should check out our selection.

Fair trade, fair deals

We believe in the concept of fair trade, wherein exporters from developing countries are properly paid for their goods. Our Asian products are sourced directly from their respective countries, and we ensure that our suppliers are compensated fairly for their help. This, in turn, allows us to price the goods we sell at favorable and reasonable levels. Why purchase imported products at a premium cost elsewhere when you can visit our grocery and strike a good bargain?

Mouthwatering Filipino fare

Our location is also home to an authentic Filipino restaurant that serves the very best in Filipino cuisine. Domestic diners who fancy delicious Southeast Asian cuisine will quickly find something to like in Filipino food. Filipino cuisine has a good blend of healthy and vegetarian dishes, which can be helpful for those with specific dietary needs. All our dishes are prepared fresh daily based on traditional recipes, so patrons can expect a genuine and refreshing taste of the Pearl of the Orient.

Oriental Store of Raleigh Inc. is located at 3601-101 Capital Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27604. If you have any questions for us, you may call us at 919-876-6911 or visit our contact us page and submit an accomplished web form.