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Oriental Store of Raleigh sells a variety of imported products that come from various regions of Asia. All our products are sourced directly from their countries of origin, and we keep them fresh for you. Our location also boasts a restaurant that serves the best of Filipino cuisine. We invite you to visit our store and restaurant today and try out some of our products or dishes—who knows, you might discover a new favorite!


We sell a variety of Asian products, both fresh produce and processed goods. Our lineup of Asian vegetables and frozen products ensures that your next recipe uses the right exotic ingredient for a more faithful taste. If you need a specific spice to complement your meal, you may take a look at our selection for exciting tastes and sensations. Our Asian canned goods are perfect for those who want a quick taste of Asia with minimal preparation time. Perhaps you just want to try the quirky and colorful snacks of Asia; we have you covered, and our stock of imported snacks will delight and fascinate snack enthusiasts of all ages.


There is more to Filipino food than just adobo and the ever-infamous balut. Our restaurant serves perennial Filipino dishes that will amaze those trying the food for the first time, and comfort those Filipinos (and Filipinos-at-heart) with their familiar flavors. All our food is prepared fresh every day according to some of the most beloved traditional recipes. If you love Asian food but you have yet to try the cuisine of the Philippines, let us give you a warm, savory, and proper introduction to Filipino food culture.